Another week

It's been over a week, but a lot has happened, including doctors, vets, interviews. Last week was one mess of busy but I came out the other side.


Looking up

Another week, and still nothing definitive. However, I am not going to let this cause me issues. Today is not one for negative reflection. Good days are not at an end!

Still okay

Sure, I'd hoped that by now I would have heard something from at least one of the jobs I've applied for, but it's all right, and I'm still okay. Things happen when they're meant and all I can do is continue as I have and wait for the right thing to come along.

Lazy days

Lazy days and holidays are not exclusively for those with an unlimited income. My day cost me nothing but a little sunburn, and gave back a lot more in the way of relaxation, and a feeling of calm.

New dawn

Feeling positive is a lot harder than letting things get you down. This time around I am not going to let unemployment drag me down.

Day One

Day one searching for something new. Branching out and meeting all the challenges head on.