It’s a sprint, not a marathon

Writing is all about careful crafting, but is that always the case? What about if you could get all your words down on the page and then start thinking about how they work?



Work has become like a dictatorship, with timesheets (normal), management tools and multiple reporting systems. Help...I'm drowning!

All change

Change can be absolutely terrifying, but this time I am tackling it head on. In the week I start a brand new job I also (insanely) start NaNo2017. I'm nothing if not stupid enough to do two things so scary all in one week.

Two weeks

In two weeks I leave my current role; the experience has been good (ish), and a massive learning curve, but the move is a positive thing, and I can't wait to start something brand new.

Something stupid

Finding a job is hard, but knowing when the job isn't right for you when you're worried is even harder. I have an interview for something I KNOW is not right for me, how do I get out of it?